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RocGrowth Candids 2015 09 30 * Paul Ballentine and Jay Eastman * Optics & Rochester’s Future

Optics and Rochester’s Future: The Inside Perspective Vice President Biden recently visited Rochester to announce our region’s success competing for Federal funds to grow the optics manufacturing sector. This is only one of multiple initiatives that involve positioning Rochester to assume the global leadership position in a vast, cutting edge field that includes lasers, fiber optics, LED and flat panel displays and photovoltaics. Paul Ballentine and Jay Eastman will be our featured guests. Paul received his Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from UR. After spending nearly two decades in Austin, he returned to UR where he runs the Center for Emerging & Innovative Sciences. Jay’s Ph.D. is in optics. He taught at UR, before launching a startup, now known as Caliber I.D., in the medical imaging field. Both men have an unusual combination of academic, economic development and business accomplishments. Jay and Paul will provide a comprehensive overview of what’s really happening … and what to expect.