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RocGrowth Candids 2016-11-30 * Jeremy Cooney & Andrea Guzzetta * How Roc Fosters Innovation

RocGrowth Candids 2016-11-30 * Jeremy Cooney & Andrea Guzzetta * UNDER THE HOOD: How Rochester Sets Strategy & Fosters Innovation RocGrowth is privileged to welcome representatives of the City of Rochester to RocGrowth Candids in an open interview followed by Q&A. Exciting changes are afoot in our beloved city. Downtown hums with jack hammers and foot traffic. The anti-poverty initiatives are front and center stage. Moving vans — with people moving in – are seen regularly. The renaissance occurring is driven by the ongoing partnerships between the City, business community and residents to leverage our collective assets and fuel the resurgence and growth of our communities. Representing the city are Jeremy Cooney, Esq., Chief of Staff to Mayor Warren and Andrea Guzzetta, Chief of Staff to City Council. They are our neighbors and love the city as much as we do. They are making themselves available to explain and clarify how strategic priorities are determined and how projects are conceived and brought to completion. Many of us are busy or unfamiliar with public policy. We will learn how the system works and hear about significant initiatives, such as Parcel 5, the Inner Loop, bike share and riverfront redevelopment.