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RocGrowth Candids 2019-01-09 * Ben Wood * Patrick Bosek * Why Rochester

They will share their stories and explain the reasons why they chose to invest in Rochester.  Their insights will enlighten and could help to frame our conversation about economic development differently.

For more information on the presenters:
Ben Wood – CEO, ViewSPORT founder of a leading apparel innovator ViewSPORT 
https://www.viewsport.us customerservice@viewsport.us

Patrick Bosek – CEO and founder of Jorsek 
https://easydita.com patrick.bosek@jorsek.com

Nasir@uvc.org (Nasir@uvc.org) – Upstate Venture Connect CEO

Special Entertainment:
Reenah Golden (info@avenuetheater.org  http://avenuetheater.org) – Avenue Theater Company

Special Thanks to our sponsors
Complemar (info@complemar.com)
Downstairs Cabaret (admin@downstairscabaret.com)

Video Production: 
Envision Productions (https://vimeo.com/paultracy)