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RocGrowth Candids 2020-01-08 * Brandon Hudson * Andrew Kaseman * Richard DeMartino

RIT and UR are among the nation’s leaders in providing entrepreneurial education and resources to student innovators.  Our future is bright in large part due to the talent we attract and retain in the community.  Many of the leading tech startups can trace their roots to one or both of our internationally-recognized institutions of higher learning.

On Wednesday, January 8th, 2020, we featured Brandon Hudson, founder of Seerwise, Andrew Kaseman, co-founder of  WetWare BioSystems, and Prof. Richard DeMartino, Albert J. Simone Endowed Chair for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at RIT.  

Brandon and Andrew will describe their journey — from choosing to attend college in Rochester, how they launched their business while undergraduates, and why they decided to remain here to build their company.  We aim to break down information barriers and expose the community to the tremendous possibilities that are emerging within our midst.