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RocGrowth Coffee 2020-03-26 * Give and Take * Virtual

Friends of RocGrowth-

We are dedicated to building Rochester’s community of innovators and entrepreneurs.  We are problem solvers, job creators and creatives leading our region to its rightful place among the top cities for innovation and quality of life. 

Currently, COVID-19 precludes any in-person convocations for the foreseeable future.  It is critical we abide by recommended best practices to get through this crisis.

Given the immense challenges of the moment and the need for the community to “lock hands” in mutual support, we are launching a Zoom meeting, entitled GIVE AND TAKE.

Abbreviated Chat

Chris Cooley : The Center’s little Nook serves > 90 youth each week, those not in our residential programs, the New Beginnings Boys School and those not supported by Food Link.  Sample list needs:

Non perishables – kid food!! – peanut butter and jelly, cereal, spaghetti-os, chicken rice and chicken noodle soups, Vienna sausages, macaroni and cheese, ramen noodles, canned fruits. You can help by dropping food off to our 905 Monroe Avenue office. Turn down Laburnam Cres (alongside of building) and come to parking lot in the back of building. Ring bell on door on the right. Best to call a few minutes ahead at 585-271-7670.

Open: 9 am – 9 pm this week

Richard Glaser : www.uvc.org

Adriana Skura-Palmer : https://uvc.org/covid-19

BenGarvey : A cool idea for helping local small businesses: HotBoyz are a bunch of Dallas Cowboys players who are raising money by helping sell local small business gift cards: https://gethotboyz.com/  Platform they’re using is created by an RIT Alumni Nicholas Lemieux and his start up Million: https://million.studio/Sean Ossont https://impowrcommunity.azurewebsites.net/forms/communityhome

Adriana Skura-Palmer : https://www.monroecounty.gov/

Sean Ossont : Per Sean Ossont @ Continual Care Solutions: https://impowrcommunity.azurewebsites.net/forms/communityhome

Rachel Barnhart : monroecounty.gov – lots of resources

Rachel Barnhart : Meeting with Mary Lupien Beatriz Lebron and me 5:30-6:15, M, W, F: https://zoom.us/j/202092857

Tina Paradiso : tinap@imprintablesolutions.com

Adriana Skura-Palmer : https://www.promoplace.com/wereforms/store/imprintinglives

xPelletier : can we share through social networks somehow?

Sarah Wright : If anyone needs help getting your words out, whether that be industry articles, handouts, web pages, and more, contact me.  I’m a professional freelance copywriter.  sarahwrites90@gmail.com

michelle Roberts : We should share the challenge with all of our social channels with a graphic! and link!

Kim : Shawn Dunwoody’s comic designs?

Jane Bernard : Great way to engage our kids at home!

Jane Bernard : Have them create their own shirts and then order to help benefit others…so many good lessons in that!

Reagan Burns : For my company, Element Cowork, we’ve teamed up with Black Bird Design to do a tshirt promotion.      http://www.rochesterblackbirddesign.com/locallove/element-cowork      75% of the sale goes directly to the cowork to help us stay afloat while everyone works from home. This is their #LOCALLOVE campaign. I’m also announcing my own campaign today, for a giveaway for a free month of social media marketing management. It’ll be announced on my Instagram today at @limecreative_us and Tina I hope you’ll apply.

Pelletier : thanks that’s really helpful info!

John Greco : jack.greco@techstars.com

BenGarvey : My start up, Great Lakes Gaming, is hosting a free to enter online video game tournament and we’re giving away $50 for the first place winner. If you play, have children that play, or know someone that plays call of duty, https://twitter.com/GLGamingLounges/status/1242886884465967104?s=20

Josh Creager : keeplocalalive.com all

Adriana Skura-Palmer : https://www.linkedin.com/company/rocgrowth/

Thomas Myers : Dining at a distance website. https://www.diningatadistance.com 

Martin Presberg : readorium.com feedback on readorium to martin.presberg@gmail.com

Kate Cartini : Gemma Sole is a graduate of UofR. She’s the co-founder of a platform that connects designers to US manufacturers and ships on-demand. Resources are being used to make fabric masks right now. 20,000+ have been ordered by hospitals in Boston, a fire station in Arizona, a nursing home in Florida and others. You can get involved! Buy a Mask, Give a Mask > https://nineteenthamendment.com/

Kim : Dimitri House on Union Street is experiencing a 4-fold increase in demand at their food cupboard.  They are seeking donations and volunteers.  You can donate on their website – that $ will be used to purchase additional food from Foodlink.  If you are in need or would like to volunteer call 325-1796.  Dimitri-house.org

megand : If you’d like more information on resources at the Y or to support community members who need emergency childcare https://rochesterymca.org/community-buildings/response-to-covid-19/

Adriana Skura-Palmer : http://rocgrowth.com/