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RocGrowth Virtual Candids – 2020-09-24 – Empowering the New Rochester: Listening to Our Future Leaders

RocGrowth has been dedicated to building a community for Rochester entrepreneurs and innovators for nearly seven years!

We endeavor to empower the New Rochester — our new and emerging leaders — by spotlighting and connecting them with our community. In our commitment to promote equality of race, class, gender and age, we are giving the younger generation an opportunity to be heard!

We are honored to create a conversation with six promising leaders, ranging from 19-28 years old. They represent the diversity, intelligence and passion for our community that we want to attract and retain.

Emmarae Stein, Nazareth, Senior
Belle Sherwood, UR, Sophomore
Oliver Haynes, RIT grad, Web Developer at Measures for Justice
Maria Sykes, Nazareth and Roberts Wesleyan grad, Social Worker
Ngozi Udo, Maternal and Infant Health Educator at Healthy Baby Network
Nic Grunert, Roberts Wesleyan grad, Enrollment Outreach Manager at RWC

08:11:52 From Ross Micali : Go Naz, Class of 07 Ross
08:15:26 From Cheryl Adas : You go Nic! Thank you!
08:18:21 From Cheryl Adas : Thank you Emmarae!
08:19:13 From Adrian Hale’s iPhone : AWESOME EMMA RAE!!!
08:21:41 From Cheryl Adas : Great view from your rooftop Oliver! Thank you for sharing!
08:22:26 From Jill Stolt : Where is that rooftop? AWESOME pic for this Zoom meeting!
08:23:22 From Cheryl Adas : Glad to have you in Rochester Maria!
08:23:29 From Steve Maier : The building is next to Dinosaur.
08:24:12 From Maria Sykes (she/ her) : thank you cheryl!
08:27:25 From Cheryl Adas : Love your enthusiasm Ngozi! Thank you!
08:27:52 From Emily C (she/her) : yes
08:29:13 From Glenn Allen : From listening to the panel I think of the old adage…..you can be a big fish in a small pond or a small fish in a big pond. I like being a big fish. 😉
08:31:41 From Jill Stolt : Thanks Steve, and thanks Nic for your enthusiasm!
08:34:13 From Chris Cooley : Well said Oliver! Thank you #truth
08:35:59 From Tammy Mayberry : Truth. I consider myself middle income and I’ve been priced out if the city.
08:36:06 From Emily C (she/her) : Thank you, Oliver!
08:36:48 From Jeff H : The nice aspect of the Nathanial Project is that it was built in a location with little existing residential and thereby not displacing an a large portion of existing lower income property
08:39:09 From Maria Sykes (she/ her) : painted benches!
08:41:16 From xavierhope : I’ve had the same experience as well on the bus. I’m from NYC as well.
08:41:52 From Josh Creager : Ngozi, your story telling is awesome.
08:41:55 From Tom Fecteau : Rochester flower Tattoo
08:42:08 From Christina Lopez : From NYC – I live the bus rides there. I’ve noticed people waiting for the bus here are not the same way.
08:42:23 From Glenn Allen : RE: the bus thing….upstate cities are so driver centric…that alternative commuting can be looked down upon.
08:43:52 From Michael Thaney : I spent 11 years in Chicago, it’s very much like NYC. Eye opener when I moved back to Rochester.
08:44:25 From Emily C (she/her) : Thank you Ngozi!!!
08:44:47 From Maria Lelie : Yes, thank you Ngozi! Excellent points made
08:44:50 From Jill Stolt : Ngozi – such clear insights, thanks!
08:45:07 From Jeff H : Great insightful observations Ngozi!
08:46:11 From Tammy Mayberry : Same. I lived in DC for 20 years and it was amazing to me that public transportation (and walking) wasn’t a way of life here.
08:46:46 From Maria Sykes (she/ her) : I have always thought of “the bus” experiment as a good taste of a city and i have always wanted more for Roc
08:47:45 From Maria Lelie : Yes Nic!
08:47:47 From Glenn Allen : I always do a pitch for virtual networking on zoom meetings….so this is me. I’m a freelance SAP software developer based in Central NY. Feel free to connect https://www.linkedin.com/in/glennallen, glenn.a.allen@gmail.com. @glenn_a_allen, Cheers.
08:48:13 From pburks : It is unfortunate that these things are to many just coming to light. These things have always been here but only effect those that deal with it on a day to day
08:48:46 From Tom Brady : nick – that was a mike dropper.
08:49:23 From pburks : Pick a topic on any place in the city and see the bais first hand
08:49:44 From Christina Lopez : Come see me downtown!
08:49:49 From pburks : Go downtown..yes. Just view the areas of change
08:50:09 From Tom Brady : that is one of my pet peeves – suburban folks afraid to come to city. my Rochester Rhinos are a perfect example.
08:50:28 From Maria Lelie : We see this implicit bias right on the U of R campus. Students often say “don’t go over the bridge to the 19th ward”
08:50:48 From Jody L. Dietz : The future is ours to create together. The greatest obstacle to our doing so is also us. “If not us then who? If not us, then who? If not now, then when?”
08:51:31 From Michael Thaney : Big things come in small packages
08:51:43 From pburks : Your life circumstances can change in a moment
08:51:51 From Glenn Allen : This fear of DT also happens in Syracuse…IDK if it is that prevalent…or it just sticks out? Also they are afraid of not finding parking….or having to walk a few blocks. (I’m an avid cyclist).
08:52:12 From Emmily Bowman : ^^same in buffalo
08:54:46 From pburks : Guest speaker question….What would you like to change now?
08:56:55 From Josh Creager : 730am every Wednesday morning: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/3024317651
08:57:07 From Josh Creager : Everyone is welcome!
08:57:31 From Josh Creager : wnystartupcommunity
08:58:07 From Emmily Bowman : https://fb.me/e/4racM70NX
08:58:17 From Emmily Bowman : ^free shimmer bar tomorrow 4-6
08:58:25 From Emmily Bowman : at Lamberton Conservatory in Highland Park
08:58:28 From Emmily Bowman : https://www.braidbabes.com/
08:58:33 From Tom Fecteau : NOTES: Focus on the future; get people from outside the city to engage; recognize our fears and challenge them; participate in the actions of this time; continue this forum;
08:58:59 From Nic Grunert : Thank you all for coming today & hearing us 🙂
09:00:38 From Maria Sykes (she/ her) : Thank you all for sharing and hearing us!
09:01:26 From Glenn Allen : good session!!
09:01:34 From Emmarae Stein : Thank you all so much for hearing us & sharing!
09:01:37 From Oliver Haynes : If anyone wants to continue casual conversions on this topic, please feel free to reach me at Phone, or LinkedIn
09:02:12 From Emmarae Stein : Yes, agreed. All can reach me on LinkedIn or send me a message at Phone. I’m always open to conversations!
09:02:14 From Nic Grunert : Grunert_Nicholas@roberts.edu if anyone wants to grab a Fuego Coffee 🙂
09:03:56 From Chris Cooley : If you are interested in rochester racial history please watch this documentary – https://vimeo.com/100170569
09:06:01 From Maria Sykes (she/ her) : yes Ngozi!!!
09:06:06 From Cheryl Adas : Well said Ngozi!
09:07:04 From Emily C (she/her) : Right on Ngozi!!
09:07:54 From Jill Stolt : Whats the name of the documentary again?
09:08:14 From Jill Stolt : NM just saw it’s posted
09:08:30 From Tom Fecteau : Addition to notes: Know the truth behind history, Join/support existing groups
09:08:38 From Cheryl Adas : Thank you Chris!

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