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RocGrowth Candids 2021-01-12 Virtual * Building World-Class Companies in Rochester: Jay McHarg

Hear Jay McHarg, CEO, AeroSafe Global, describe how his company is playing a critical role in distributing the COVID vaccine throughout the U.S. Having raised over $125 million from leading private equity firms and Merck, AeroSafe Global provides a critical link in the “cold chain” by ensuring delivery of the vaccine at the required temperature to its end user. The company, located on Buffalo Road, employs 200 people and almost doubled in size last year.

RocGrowth’s mission is about building community for our region’s great innovators and entrepreneurs. For six years, we have featured our leading entrepreneurs in a series of open interviews, including audience participation.

Chat Links and messages from Tuesday RocGrowth Candids with Jay McHarg

12:03:41  From Joel Elliot : Great to see so many people in attendance this afternoon!
12:03:52  From Glenn Allen : Yes, very nice attendance!!
12:15:53  From Glenn Allen : almost 100!!
12:16:48  From Hugh Rundle : How did you get started w the COVID-19 solution?
12:20:56  From Tom Myers : We will be doing a video screen shot. You may want to rename yourself so your name will be captured.
12:21:51  From Diana Solt : how long do you expect to be in the vaccination delivery business?
12:22:10  From Glenn Allen : Any security concerns with the vaccine?  Is there any threat of theft for black market resale or otherwise? Just curious….
12:23:34  From Chris Cooley : Thanks for being here and for the questions everyone! I will synthesize them so we can get them answered most efficiently:) Keep them coming if you have more…
12:25:37  From Christina Lopez – Boundless Connections : Great book!
12:26:44  From Michael Thaney : Like Mark Zuckerberg says – Move fast and break things…on a stable infrastructure.
12:29:12  From Glenn Galbraith : Thanks Tom!
12:30:32  From Rebecca Crocker – University of Rochester : Lobsters
12:30:32  From Christina Lopez – Boundless Connections : Flexibility is key to sustainability
12:30:40  From Josh Creager : Fascinating!
12:30:53  From Jessica Savage : That’s incredible…like you said, this is a big town, with people making key connections that make a huge impact.
12:32:42  From Glenn Allen : cool ….local supply chain!!
12:38:06  From Glenn Galbraith : Rocarchive.org
12:38:27  From Glenn Galbraith : latest press mention 585mag.com/585-magazines-jan-feb-2021-issue/
 On page 22
12:38:50  From Andrew Brady : My son Andrew participates in these – it is awesome. Great to meet you Rashad, Tom Brady
12:38:54  From Glenn Galbraith : info@rocarchive.org
12:40:37  From Glenn Allen : I do a lot of cycling….please share links for these events?  Cheers!!
12:41:35  From Tom Myers : RocArchive.org
12:42:20  From Lynn Malooly : Great movement! I did a ride this summer. It was awesome and I look forward to cycling with you again!
12:42:36  From Rashad Smith : www.RocFreedomRiders.com
12:44:42  From Christina Lopez – Boundless Connections : Closing the digital divide (economic, racial, and generational) by matching tech access to interests, talents, and experts in all industries – your goals at your pace. Scholarships available to make it accessible to everyone. Please contact me to connect at your convenience> CLopez@boundlessconnections.com
12:44:50  From Lindsay Cray : can you give an example of what that looks like?
12:45:08  From Chris Cooley : I just want to say Boundless Connections is amazing! I’ve introduced a young man I’ve been monitoring to Christina’s program and he received a scholarship to be part of their 3-month “tech launch” program!
12:45:19  From Glenn Allen : As the meeting is winding down I’m sharing my contact info for networking. I’m a freelance SAP software developer based in Central NY. Feel free to connect www.linkedin.com/in/glennallenglenn.a.allen@gmail.com. @glenn_a_allen, Cheers.
12:46:43  From Chris Cooley : …In 3 weeks of the Boundless Conncetions “tech launch” program my mentor has become proficient in 3D printing, video production and business strategy! If you have people who could be scholarship recipients send Christina a message…oh, and setup a tour with her. You won’t be sorry:)
12:46:51  From Chris Cooley : mentee*
12:47:35  From Glenn Galbraith : ROC Archive is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit regional audiovisual archive dedicated to the collection, preservation and accessibility of the region’s audiovisual media as an artistic and historical record of the regions rural, suburban and urban cultures and heritages. 
The region includes New York State, Connecticut, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. The Archive focuses on newsreels, home movies, audio recordings, video recordings and all other audiovisual tools and media, still or moving image, created to capture the region’s cultures.
ROC Archive will need 3D printing needs to machines that are no longer supported.
12:48:54  From Tom Myers : If anyone uses Delta Sonic Car Wash. ROCArchive.org has a fundraiser selling Super Kiss car washes for $15 (Regular price is $18.35) .  You can support ROC Archive and get a clean car  at the same time
12:49:00  From Rashad Smith : All. Thanks for your interest and connecting with me directly. In case I missed someone, here’s my contact. Rashad J. Smith, Co-founder, ROC Freedom Riders. E: RashadJSmithPR@gmail.com and RocFreedomRiders@gmail.com
12:49:08  From David Paul : www.boldandgritty.com
12:50:00  From Rashad Smith : ROC Freedom Riders in CITY: https://www.rochestercitynewspaper.com/rochester/roc-freedom-riders-spread-message-of-hope-and-racial-justice/Content?oid=12258178
12:50:49  From Glenn Galbraith : Does your company work with stationary cooling systems as well as portable?
12:51:54  From David Paul : david@boldandgritty.com
12:54:37  From Alan Rosenhoch : alan.rosenhoch@endeavor.org
12:54:42  From Alan Rosenhoch : John.gavigan@endeavor.org
12:55:39  From Glenn Allen : Great meeting all! Happy new year!! 2021 will be great!!
12:56:20  From Josh Creager : ROCC every Wednesday morning kicking off at 730am https://us02web.zoom.us/j/3024317651
12:56:55  From Chris Cooley : Special thanks to the RocGrowth team, Richard, Zara, Tom, Josh, and Andrew. I appreciate all of you for your roles in making all this happen:)!!!
12:57:52  From Dr. dt ogilvie : I have another meeting, have to leave. Great session!
12:58:17  From Alan Rosenhoch : Go Bills!
12:58:26  From Rashad Smith : Thanks for providing this space ROC Growth!
12:58:33  From Harrison Canning (RIT Student) : Thank you all!
12:58:34  From Natalie Anderson : Thanks! Great discussion!
12:58:38  From Steve Hovagimyan : Thank you! (edited) CITY NewsCITY NewsROC Freedom Riders spread message of hope and racial justiceROC Freedom Riders’ Fringe Festival show tells the raw, underrepresented stories of the Black community in the wake of Daniel Prude’s death. (101 kB)

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