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RocGrowth Candids 2021-04-08 * Making Real Change: Diversity in the Workplace

RocGrowth Virtual Candids

RocGrowth’s mission includes a commitment to promoting greater equity in our community.  We also attempt to empower the new leaders of Rochester and highlight our community’s great innovators.  With that in mind, we proudly co-produce this event with Conscious Capitalism.

Building a Diverse Talent Pipeline and Inclusive Culture: Works In Progress

We welcome Steve Metzger (LaBella Associates), Jeff Wight of (General Code) and Mohammed Ahamed (EDI) to discuss LaBella and General Code’s path to embracing a commitment to diversity and inclusion (D&I) in their workplace. Implementation is a “work in progress” and they will share successes, setbacks and future plans. Mohammed will share his perspective as a D&I consultant to major organizations.

RocGrowth has adjusted to the restrictions placed on social interaction by adopting Zoom in lieu of our typical convocation.  We will moderate a 30 minute interview, followed by Q&A using the chat feature.

Stay healthy…and remain six feet apart.

Oh, please wear a mask, too.

Chat Links and messages from Making Real Change: Diversity in the Workplace

Chat Links and messages

12:29:24  From Aubrey Marrero : Steve thank you for your vulnerability! That takes so much courage!
12:29:41  From Kat Carter (she/her) : Thanks to all the presenters here.  Appreciate you and your efforts.
12:30:05  From David Finger : Good clarity, Steve. Thank you.
12:32:00  From Bob Whipple : For Steve. Why was it important to limit the size of the council to 15 people?
12:32:27  From Richard Glaser : MWBE- Minority and Women Owned Businesses
12:36:07  From Christina Lopez : MWBE Certification process is insane – from personal experience.
12:39:05  From Richard Glaser : Mo-can you delineate between big org and a smaller org.  Your latest comments seem appropriate for large orgs like LaBella or UR.
12:44:08  From Cati Pulver : Junior Achievement https://cuny.ja.org/events/2021-ja-inspire-virtual
12:44:21  From Aubrey Marrero : @cati Isaac would love to connect!
12:44:42  From Aubrey Marrero : amarrero@isaacheating.com
12:44:43  From Cati Pulver : Thank you!  Catherine.Pulver@ja.org for more information or to talk about the opportunity to be a part of JA Inspire.
12:46:00  From CASEY RYU : Gentrification Conference Website: https://540gentrificationroc.org/
12:46:21  From CASEY RYU : Eventbrite Registration: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/resisting-gentrification-then-now-tickets-137863089211?aff=erelexpmlt
12:47:36  From Steve Metzger : Bob – 15 was a number we determined through some discussion the we felt could be productive yet manageable.  Goldilocks approach…  We actual took 16!  Others not selected have been identified for special projects.
12:50:58  From Yaqub Shabazz : http://sankofastudios.com
12:51:18  From Yaqub Shabazz : Upcoming Aaron Douglas webinar….https://www.eventbrite.com/e/aaron-douglas-father-of-the-harlem-renaissance-tickets-149429937967
12:51:41  From Dr. dt ogilvie : Bob – research shows that if a group is too large, it is less effective than a smaller group
12:51:52  From Kristina Kaiser (She/Her) : theyardsrochester.com
12:51:55  From Kimberly Russell : Nice job Kristina!
12:52:21  From Kristina Kaiser (She/Her) : Thank you! We’re thrilled to offer this program again!!
12:55:26  From Christina Lopez : Yes, valuing different perspectives and experiences from day one gives quite an advantage over companies who have been around a long time without that culture.
12:56:09  From Bill Carpenter (he/him) : Steve and Jeff, thanks for presenting. We all need to do our part to interrupt racism and enable equity for all.
12:57:11  From Bill Carpenter (he/him) : Mohammed, thank you for sharing with such clarity the strategy/tactics/benefits for investing in this work.
12:57:38  From Kevin Spencer Beckford (He Him His) : Great Discussion today.  Thank you :pray::skin-tone-5:
12:59:54  From Jim Armstrong : Thank you all, excellent discussion.
13:00:25  From Kimberly Russell : Great program!  Thanks all.
13:00:43  From Aubrey Marrero : Absolutely! Thank you all for your great work! Please find me on linkedin!
13:01:20  From Marjorie Crum : This is a great event, thank you for all your efforts.
13:01:24  From carriegilbert : Thank you everyone for sharing! Wonderful discussion