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2021 Seasons Greetings from RocGrowth

RocGrowth Friends,

We have taken a pause to reflect upon the transformative period induced by the pandemic.  

Initially, our programming shifted to support the remarkable social entrepreneurs addressing the urgent needs of our community.  We then progressed to highlighting talented entrepreneurs and innovators who continued to thrive and contribute to the New Rochester.  When the public safety concerns abated briefly, we came together to celebrate in-person at UUU Art Collective.  Along the way, we provided $15K in grants to over a dozen local creatives from under-represented communities.

A New Rochester is emerging.  We are at a historic inflection point — an opportunity to capitalize upon our bountiful assets and address failures of the past.  We make our case:

  • A new generation of political leadership is ascendent.
  • The arts community is gaining the appreciation it deserves, while remaining inadequately funded.  
  • Tech entrepreneurs are raising funds and experiencing unanticipated growth with the accelerated adoption of digital technology.  
  • Downtown is repopulating and braced for more growth, while on guard against displacement from gentrification.  
  • Efficacious social service organizations are emerging unencumbered by methodologies that no longer work. 

And, COVID revealed the cost of systemic racism and structural segregation upon our region.

RocGrowth believes collaboration and embracing diversity is essential to a prosperous future. This is why we share our mission statement below.  We seek your support in achieving it.

Have a blessed and peaceful holiday season.
Your Friends-
The RocGrowth Team

Mission Statement:

  • Empower the New Rochester
  • Highlight Rochester’s innovators and entrepreneurs
  • Foster “creative collisions”
  • Promote greater equality of race, class, gender and age