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Cybersecurity, AI and More: How ROC is a Consequential Player

Hear a frank assessment of Rochester’s technology attributes from Steve Hoover, Katherine Johnson Endowed Executive Director of the recently announced Global Cybersecurity Institute at Rochester Institute of Technology and, previously Xerox’s Chief Technology Officer, and Walter Johnson, CEO of FLX AI and, previously, a senior executive at Xerox’s PARC, the renowned R&D affiliate. 

Both Steve and Walter attained PhDs prior to launching successful technology careers.  Over three decades, they experienced first-hand many of the major technology waves.  Both spent considerable time in Silicon Valley prior to moving to Rochester. 

Chat Links and messages

00:43:42 Glenn Allen: Leaving contact info for networking….I’m a freelance SAP software developer based in Central NY. Feel free to connect www.linkedin.com/in/glennallen, glenn.a.allen@gmail.com. @glenn_a_allen, Cheers.
01:04:55 Suzanne Mayer/Hinge Neighbors: suzanne@hingeneighbors.com www.rochesterzap.com Text at 5857503127
01:07:27 Yaqub Shabazz: https://www.yaqubshabazz.com/ info@yaqubshabazz.com
01:09:37 Mona Seghatoleslami: https://www.fivebyfivemusic.com/contact-1
01:09:39 Mona Seghatoleslami: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGjNOfHiIEsLqreK5Ho91fw
01:11:52 Josh Creager: EMBARK shout out!! https://nextcorps.org/embark/
01:14:43 Jason Hilton: If anyone has an interest in a project to help people control and profit from their own data, you can’t reach me at jason@spacerochester.com
01:15:16 Michael Thaney: https://www.startupgrind.com/rochester/
01:22:18 Karla George: I work with Walt at FLX. We have a few jobs open. Please see our webpage at: https://flxai.com/careers-2/ . We also post jobs regularly on our LinkedIn page: https://www.linkedin.com/company/flx-ai-inc/