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Strike the Hammer: Forging a New Rochester By Knowing Our Past 09/07/2022

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A discussion with historian, Laura Warren Hill, and business leader, Tom Mitchell. Dr. Hill recently published Strike the HammerThe Black Freedom Struggle in Rochester, New York, 1940-1970 and Mr. Mitchell is the former-CEO of Bergmann Associates and co-founder of Exploring Racism Groups (ERG).

Dr. Hill spent 12 years researching three pivotal decades of Rochester’s history, revealing much about the origins of our present condition. Since 2015, Mr. Mitchell has been dedicated to educating community leaders about racism and how it impacts their organization’s performance and potential. 

Rochester is in the midst of significant change, experiencing an economic transformation, generational transition and revitalizing downtown. We hope this discussion will inform and educate RocGrowth’s community so we can be more effective contributors.

RocGrowth has adjusted to the restrictions placed on social interaction by adopting Zoom in lieu of our typical convocation. We will moderate a 30 minute interview, followed by Q&A using the chat feature. It will be recorded and posted as a video and podcast the following day.

Chat messages

00:28:55 Richard Glaser: https://www.cornellpress.cornell.edu/book/9781501756047/strike-the-hammer/
00:28:59 Tom Mitchell: Website for the Exploring Racism Group is “exploringracism.org”.
00:29:29 Richard Glaser: www.exploringracism.org
00:33:08 Bill Carpenter, RTS (he/him): Thank you, Tom!!
00:51:04 Nita: Laura, I’m enjoying this so much. Thanks for the wealth of information you are “doling out” now.
00:51:12 Gregory Keyes: Art Kleiner’s book, The Age of Heretics, contains some interesting Rochester/Kodak history towards what Laura’s speaking of.
01:02:04 Jennifer Sertl : Thank you for the clarity on how important it is for businesses in
01:02:37 Jennifer Sertl : .. in Rochester to care about this issue We cannot being new companies to the city without really making sure the families of these innovators feel welcomed.
01:03:51 Chris Cooley: Recommended read…Laura Just mentioned Sal Alinsky’s role in supporting the organized movements in Rochester … https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rules_for_Radicals
01:05:06 Joel Elliot (he, him): Just a terrific conversation. Thank you! Richard, you mention a link to the book via Cornell University. Please post. Thanks, again.
01:11:05 Roc Growth: https://www.amazon.com/Waking-Up-White-Finding-Myself-ebook/dp/B00HZZ1JD0
01:15:50 Chris Cooley: Tom, thank you for all you do…in my opinion – the action plan at the end of the 12 months of Exploring Racism Group is critical! In general, I encourage people to think about what you WILL do to hold yourself accountable for making change…
01:16:24 Laura Warren Hill: Thanks so much, Jacqueline. It’s an honor. Truly.
01:18:16 Jennifer Sertl : When Healing Hurts https://www.amazon.com/When-Helping-Hurts-Alleviate-Yourself/dp/0802409989
01:19:04 johnstrazzabosco: This is such an informative cha!t
01:19:06 Jennifer Sertl : The lineage of ideas and influences = authority
01:20:08 Joel Elliot (he, him): Laura Warren Hill, so excited to learn that you’ll be keynoting the 3rd Annual Summit to End Hate. Just saw the notice!
01:20:10 Chris Cooley: Jacqueline…thank you for this PSA! I was so inspired by the video content that was captured from the elders of Clarissa street. They were highlighted at the exhibit a few months ago…its so important to hear the REAL stories from people who lived history!
01:26:37 johnstrazzabosco: Thank you, Laura, your book is a gem, and very important in understanding both Rochester and racism.
01:27:06 GalinBrooks: Learn more here: https://rochesterdowntown.com/about-rddc-rdp/#BID
01:27:38 Laura Warren Hill: Thank you so very much, everyone, for taking time out of your day to be part of this event.
01:28:03 Erika Rosenberg: Will this recording be available?
01:28:14 GalinBrooks: Email thoughts, questions, or to stay informed: rddc@rddc.org
01:28:48 Steve Metzger: Thank you for organizing Richard and Chris – great program!
01:29:23 Roc Growth: Writers and Books: http://wab.org
01:29:24 Richard Glaser: All our virtual events are recorded and posted on our YouTube site within 24 yrs. Podcast, too, on all major platforms.
01:29:40 Lori Sussle Bonanni: This was fantastic. Many thanks for this session.
01:29:45 Chris Cooley: Glad you were all here:slightly_smiling_face: Thank you for participating!
01:30:00 Dani Polidor: Thank you!
01:30:11 Jennifer Sertl : Thank you for your leadership ROCGrowth <3
01:30:39 johnstrazzabosco: Thank you Tom and Richard for this wonderful program, and kudos to RocGrowth!
01:30:51 Frank Staropoli: Richard and Chris, thanks for this very informative session!
01:31:08 dward: Thank you. very informative.
01:31:15 GalinBrooks: Thank you!
01:31:20 KATHLEEN DRISCOLL: Thank you!
01:31:24 Terry Otoole: Thanks all for a terrific program!