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RocGrowth Candids 2020 -12-15 Virtual * Innovation and Public Media: Norm Silverstein

Norm Silverstein, CEO of WXXI, has been one of the most impactful and underrecognized innovators in our community. Celebrating 25 years as the leader of an organization that includes numerous TV and radio stations, along with City Newspaper and The Little Theatre, he has had a lasting and profound impact upon our community.

WXXI represents far more than Sesame Street and a place to listen to nomination hearings for Supreme Court justices. It is an essential contributor to our arts community and media source for critical issues shaping Rochester’s future.

RocGrowth’s mission is about building community for our region’s great innovators and entrepreneurs. For six years, we have featured our leading entrepreneurs in a series of open interviews, including audience participation. Learn how Norm Silverstein has built WXXI into a public broadcasting affiliate recognized nationally by its peers for excellence and innovation.

Comments and links from the Chat
12:04:21 From Chris Cooley : Hi everyone, thanks so much for being here!
12:11:13 From Melissa Mueller-Douglas : The Little Theater is a gem in our community.
12:12:18 From Chris Cooley : It sure is! My family drives up from Geneva to attend shows at The Little (pre Covid, of course:)
12:12:26 From EMMA DERISI : Thank you for the many ways you have helped The Little! It’s my favorite spot in ROC, Iused to go every weekend and can’t wait to go again.
12:18:22 From Chris Cooley : ‘HomeStage at The Little featuring Danielle Ponder’ on Youtube – WORTH THE WATCH:
12:21:59 From nancygong : Thank you Norm and your colleagues for keeping the community alive, informed and culturally exposed in so many ways before, during and I expect post covid. Proud of the growth in the diverse and sensitive programming. The stories, whether we really want o hear it or not, are good stories. We in Rochester could not be any more fortunate to have WXXI here.
12:22:40 From Kimberly Russell : I wish you could resolve that impasse with the mayor. I agree we could all benefit from hearing more from city hall.
12:24:43 From Eric Brown : WXXI provides such a great breadth of content to the Rochester community.
12:27:31 From Wendy Hembrock : Journeys through FLX was wonderful! Glad it will be seen across the country.
12:27:45 From Chris Cooley :Journeys through FLX
12:28:28 From jeanne strazzabosco : Norm, could you put the link to support Jack Garner?
12:28:37 From Tom Myers & Chris Cooley : WXXI Donations
12:30:08 From Kathy Reed & Chris Cooley: To support the Garner theater
12:30:43 From Kathy Reed : Just choose Jack Garner Theater from the drop down menu
12:32:59 From EMMA DERISI : OOOHHH I can’t wait for the Garth Fagan film!
12:33:36 From achestnut : Any plans on diversifying the staff at CITY? (all white, almost all male right now)
12:33:44 From Josephine Perini : Excellent idea to rename Little 5- Jack Garner Theatre I have donated. Looking forward to renaming event. Thank you for all your information Norm, WXXI if fantastic as is Little and CITY
12:34:00 From Josh Creager : That’s the goal we should all have! Embrace diversity in all areas
12:41:29 From Bill Sauer : Congrats on the grant Melissa!
12:42:48 From Melissa Mueller-Douglas : Melissa@rocmyretreat.com
12:43:27 From Fred Dewey : Chris: yes, I was at that event at Pop Rock and that’s how I heard about Exploring Racism Group as well!!!
12:43:55 From Gatekeeper : rochesterblackpride@gmail.com
12:44:01 From Gatekeeper : Rochester Black Pride
12:44:10 From Gatekeeper : GoFundme link:
12:44:17 From Andrew Brady : Andrew and Tom Brady have participated and highly recommend
12:44:46 From Melissa Mueller-Douglas : Thank you Bill. Great to see you here today. MYRetreat on American Express 100 for 100 program is listed under Tech, representing our great City.
12:44:47 From jeanne strazzabosco : So have I and my husband, John Strazzabosco. ERG was a valuable experience!
12:44:52 From Kimberly Russell : I have also participated and highly recommend participating.
12:44:58 From Fred Dewey : I am also in an ERG group and I highly recommend it!!! It has shifted my perspective and actions in a major way.
12:45:59 From Fred Dewey : The best thing about ERG is that it is action-oriented, and at the end of the 12 month process, each of us created an Anti-Racism Action Plan that we are executing and supporting eachother in doing.
12:48:04 From nancygong : Thank you Richard and Company!
12:48:11 From Chris Cooley : Anyone interested in participating in the Exploring Racism Group please email Tom Mitchell
12:48:27 From Tom Myers : All videos are on: RocGrowth.com
12:48:40 From Melissa Mueller-Douglas : Congratulations on 6 years RocGrowth!
12:49:23 From Suzanne Mayer : recommend ERG.
12:51:20 From Kathy Reed : All Connections programs can be found at wxxinews.org
12:52:08 From Sydor : And a SWEET face mask!!
12:52:21 From Kathy Reed : Thanks Tom. At 5/mo you also get CITY in the mail every month
12:52:30 From Kathy Reed : You have to ask for it though!
12:53:16 From Kimberly Russell : That was an awesome interview!\
12:53:21 From nancygong : Thoroughly enjoyed the interview with Shawn!
12:53:33 From Glenn Allen : Anyone else’s twitter not working?
12:53:48 From Chris Cooley : Interview with Shawn Dunwoody
12:54:05 From Melissa Mueller-Douglas : Will take a listen.
12:55:21 From Wendy Hembrock : Thank you!
12:55:25 From Sydor : Thanks!
12:55:25 From Glenn Allen : Happy Festivus all!! www.linkedin.com/in/glennallen, glenn.a.allen@gmail.com. @glenn_a_allen, Cheers.
12:55:32 From Fred Dewey : Great job gang!!!!

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