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Foundry Digital Rochester’s Hypergrowth Digital Currency Startup 12/08/2022

Join us for a discussion with Mike Colyer, CEO of Foundry.  Foundry was created to meet the institutional demand for better capital access, efficiency and transparency in the digital asset mining and staking industry. Headquartered in Rochester, NY, Foundry leverages its institutional expertise, capital and market intelligence to empower participants within the crypto ecosystem by providing the tools they need to build tomorrow’s decentralized infrastructure.

Adrian Hale, Director, Economic & Community Development, will join us to discuss Foundry’s commitment to positively impact our region and seizing the blockchain’s transformative potential to improve society.

RocGrowth has adjusted to the restrictions placed on social interaction by adopting Zoom in lieu of our typical convocation.  We will moderate a 30 minute interview, followed by Q&A using the chat feature.  It will be recorded and posted as a video and podcast the following day.

Chat Links and messages

00:34:35 Frank Staropoli: Thanks Chris and Richard.
00:37:45 Chris Cooley – OZworks Group Host: You’re welcome Frank! Appreciate you 👍
00:46:09 Diane Trentini: https://bitcoin.org/bitcoin.pdf
00:48:51 Johan Klarin: What will be the short term and long term effects of the recent NY State anti-mining law?
00:53:30 Diane Trentini: Are you working with the TogetherNow team? https://unitedwayrocflx.org/landing-pages/systems-integration-project/
00:54:45 Jennifer Sertl : Curious about your perspective : New York is the first state to ban certain types of crypto mining—here’s what to know https://cnb.cx/3ECILhE
00:56:13 Diane Trentini: Are you considering how this technology could be used to support personal data ownership (ex. a portable personal health wallet for all community members)
01:00:51 Chris Cooley – OZworks Group Host: Congrats Adrian!!! Keep up the solid work 👏
01:04:15 Chris Cooley – OZworks Group Host: LOVE IT!
01:04:20 Fred Dewey: Question for you Adrian – How many young adults do you have in the program as of now?
01:08:33 Diane Trentini: Amazing what they are teaching you too
01:10:31 Sasha Lewis: Are you accepting more fellows right now? If not when does the new cohort open ?
01:11:43 Jennifer Sertl : Thanks for the shout out Richard. Optimax Systems Inc does have a distributed leadership program and has transferred ownership of the company to the employees. I will connect Colyer to Plympton as Rick is working with Aspen Institute to increase employee ownership nationally. Thank you for such an important and dynamic program.
01:14:16 Todd Fleming: Thank you Mike and Adrian!
01:14:56 Chris Cooley – OZworks Group Host: I read a deep book by local author John Strazzabosco about the layers of poverty…this is parallel to the conversation today. Appreciate you all bringing TRUTH and REALITY of our community to this group 💪 https://www.amazon.com/Ninety-Feet-Under-poverty-people/dp/0995978247
01:16:50 Lydia Palmer: Ditto to Chris’s book recommendation. Strazzabosco’s experience and perspective is stunning.
01:18:38 Todd Fleming: Is there a link for this Saturday’s event?
01:19:36 Steve Nicosia: Thank you, Chris. I just ordered the book.
01:21:21 Chris Cooley – OZworks Group Host: Rock on Steve 👏
01:23:23 Brian Nizinsky: Mike do you have a recommendation on where to look for non-BS news and info about blockchain?
01:26:02 Diane Trentini: Also interested in hearing about Foundry’s thoughts on blockchain’s environmental impact
01:26:39 Jennifer Sertl : CoinDesk https://www.coindesk.com
01:26:40 Todd Fleming: https://www.coindesk.com/
01:26:53 Frank Staropoli: Thanks so much Mike and Adrian!!
01:27:01 Steve Nicosia: Shout out to Tina Paradiso, https://www.imprintablesolutions.com. Offers similar services for disadvantaged workers.
01:27:46 Fred Dewey: THis was a fantastic session!!!! Thanks Mike and Adrian and Richard and Chris and the rest of the RocGrowth gang!!
01:28:01 Steve Nicosia: Great seeing you again, Mike!
01:28:06 Ben Garvey: Bye!
01:28:13 Sasha Lewis: Thank you