Empowering the New Rochester NY. Supporting the Creative Class. Breaking down boundaries.

About Us

  • Empower the New Rochester
    • RocGrowth aims to identify, support and build a community for the new generation of leaders as Rochester regains its rightful place among prominent progressive and prosperous cities.
  • Showcase our communities leading innovators and entrepreneurs
    • RocGrowth aims to publicize motivational stories from the individuals who represent our enormous talent pool.
  • Instigating “Creative Collisions”
    • RocGrowth aims to break down barriers and create opportunities for interpersonal interaction, encouraging fellowship and pride in belonging to the Rochester community.
  • Promoting social equity
    • RocGrowth aims for equality of race, class, gender and age in all its endeavors, recognizing that the mistakes of our past have impeded our progress.

RocGrowth Mission Fulfillment

  • Events
    • RocGrowth organizes monthly events called RocGrowth Creative Collisions and RocGrowth Coffee, as well as quarterly events called RocGrowth Candids. These events feature presentations by local innovators.

We record our interviews, which you can see here:

  • Content
    • We share recordings of the events, along with curated blogs written by community members.
  • Micro-Grants
    • We provide modest donations to emerging and innovative nonprofits that align with RocGrowth’s mission, offering them exposure to our community.

  • Social Media
    • We have a significant following on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.