Rochester 2034 is a community-wide effort that engages residents, business leaders, educational institutions and other important community partners about the future of the city. It’s taking a fresh look at our community’s current opportunities and challenges, identifying a new vision for the city’s 200th birthday in 2034.

As part of Rochester 2034, the city is studying which major streets have the best potential for “transit supportive development.” Transit supportive development encourages a mix of complementary activities and destinations—such as housing, work, shopping, services, and entertainment—along major streets and centers. Transit supportive development helps create compact, vibrant communities where it’s easier for people to walk, bike, and use public transit to get around.

The project will emphasis the following three activities:

  • Identify potential transit-supportive, mixed-use corridors within the city;
  • Analyze the underlying land use, development policies, and zoning regulations around those corridors, as well as other factors that influence their ability to support multimodal transportation options; and
  • Develop recommendations for how the city can make these areas more transit-supportive and multimodal through updates to zoning and other land use and development policies, programs, or regulations.

Transit supportive development works best on heavily used streets, such as Main Street and Lake Avenue, organizers say. Residents are invited to participate in a survey on the topic. Go to:

To participate in a survey on Rochester 2034, go to: