The Finger Lakes boasts the highest total number of craft beverage manufacturers statewide at 178. The region has added 27 new wineries, the most in the state, state officials said.

Photo credit: New York State

The number of craft beverage manufacturers have grown 96 percent in the Finger Lakes since 2012 when Gov. Andrew Cuomo hosted the first craft beverage summit. Across the state, these manufacturers have grown to 1005.

“The growth of New York’s craft beverage industry continues to boost local economies throughout the entire state,” Gov. Andrew Cuomo said. “By working to remove barriers to expansion, we have helped foster new opportunities for small businesses and will continue to support breweries, wineries, cideries and distilleries as they develop their brands, create new jobs and drive tourism all over New York.”

The resurgence of New York’s craft manufacturing industry has touched all corners of the state, with every region experiencing significant gains. The growth of craft beverage businesses by region can be found here.

Regional highlights include:

  • The Capital Region added 62 new craft beverage manufacturers, the third highest in the state. The region led the state with a 1,000 percent increase in the number of offsite tasting rooms.
  • Central New York added 30 new craft breweries, a 600 percent increase from five in 2012. Overall the region grew by 172 percent, with the addition of 43 new craft businesses.
  • The Mid-Hudson Valley added the most new craft manufacturers statewide, with 93 new businesses opening. The region also has the largest number of craft breweries in the state, with 54 new breweries launched since 2012.
  • Long Island has the second most wineries in the state at 79. The region also added over 50 new craft businesses since 2012, increasing the total number of manufacturers to 131.
  • The Mohawk Valley led the state with the largest percent increase in new craft beverage manufacturers, increasing 193 percent from 15 in 2012 to 44 today. Additionally, the number of wineries, craft breweries, craft distilleries and cider producers have all more than doubled in the region since 2012.
  • New York City had the second largest percentage growth in craft manufacturers, rising from 30 in 2012 to 84 today. New York City had no offsite tasting rooms in 2012, today there are 12 including four farm winery branch stores, four farm breweries, two farm distilleries and two farm cidery branch stores.
  • The North Country grew by over 150 percent since 2012, adding 32 new craft businesses. The number of offsite tasting rooms in the region increased by 225 percent, from four in 2012 to 13 today.
  • The Southern Tier led the state with a 600 percent increase in the number of hard cider producers. The region also has the second most offsite tasting rooms in the state at 18.
  • Western New York led the state in craft distillery growth, increasing from one in 2012 to 18 today. The number of craft manufacturers grew by 88 percent with the addition of 43 new craft businesses since 2012, including 21 new breweries.