K-Neesio LLC has launched a product designed to relieve chronic knee pain, a condition that afflicts 25 percent of the population, especially athletes. The company has also inked an endorsement deal with pro football Hall of Famer Thurman Thomas.

A knee support, NuNee is designed to relieve the pressure between the knee cap and femur, which is the primary cause of patellofemoral pain syndrome (PFPS). NuNee provides a gentle lift to the patella, which reduces the contact between the femur and patella, allowing your knee to glide smoothly and naturally without pain. PFPS is commonly caused by the overuse of the knee over time.

For Thomas, the ability to run again, without knee pain, was the deciding factor in his endorsement of NuNee. Knee pain was something Thomas dealt with throughout his career as a professional running back.

Mike Emmerling, NuNee’s inventor, also suffers from PFPS. As a triathlete and active adult, Emmerling struggled with chronic knee pain for more than five years. He was advised by a orthopedic specialist to significantly reduce his activity. Determined to continue the lifestyle of
running and cycling that he enjoys, he applied his engineering skills to come up with a solution.

“When my invention resolved my own knee pain, I knew it had the potential to help the millions of people who are also struggling to find relief. I feel a significant obligation to them,” Emmerling said. With Thomas’ help, Emmerling hopes to help PFPS sufferers, while making the
NuNee™ brand a household name.

Nu-Nee has completed product trials from coast-to-coast. Business incubators in Upstate New York enabled Emmerling and K-Neesio to turn NuNee into a viable business.

“Starting a business was new to me. Launch NY and NextCorps have supported me with valuable resources, such as coaching, consultants, and access to funding that would otherwise be unaffordable for a startup,” Emerging said.

NuNee can be purchased online at https://nuneeshop.com/collections/all.