Acuity Brands Inc. on April 29 announced it will work exclusively with OLEDWorks, a manufacturer of organic light-emitting diode lighting technology, on an expanded product portfolio of OLED luminaires. OLEDWorks has manufacturing facilities in Rochester and Aachen, Germany. It ranked No. 2, after CloudCheckr, in a recent list compiled by The Tech Tribune of the best tech startups in Rochester.

Acuity Brands, using OLEDWorks technology, intends to develop a series of affordable and innovative OLED luminaires for architectural lighting applications, officials said.

OLEDs are a thin sheet of light that create a gentle and diffuse illumination that is calm, soft and comfortable to view. Their ultra-thin form offers excellent visual quality and are a natural fit for interior applications that can help enhance the occupant experience and the surrounding space itself.

“Acuity Brands has been able to anticipate trends in the general lighting industry, and it was an early adopter of incorporating OLED technology for luminaires, capitalizing on the unique benefits OLEDs offer,” said Dave DeJoy, CEO of OLEDWorks. “They continue to be the leader in developing and delivering innovative, impactful lighting solutions.”