Organizers are gearing up for Light and Sound Interactive, a conference and expo focused on light and sound-based technologies and their applications in emerging fields such as virtual and augmented reality, games, cinema, and music.

Scheduled for Sept. 12-14 at the Floreano Riverside Convention Center, the conference is interactive, featuring talks by leading experts, panel sessions, workshops, and product demonstrations.

The LSI Trade Show will feature more than 50 companies in the fields of games, cinema, imaging, displays, and other light and sound based technologies.

These include component suppliers, systems manufacturers, application developers and content providers.
Co-located with the Trade Show will be a career fair, product demonstrations, and interactive experiences.

LSI is being held in conjunction with Luminate, the $10 million New York State accelerator challenge, administered by High Tech Rochester, open to optics, photonics, and imaging companies. Learn more here.