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RocGrowth Candids 2016-11-30 * Jeremy Cooney & Andrea Guzzetta * How Roc Fosters Innovation

RocGrowth Candids 2016-11-30 * Jeremy Cooney & Andrea Guzzetta * UNDER THE HOOD: How Rochester Sets Strategy & Fosters Innovation RocGrowth is privileged to welcome representatives of the City of Rochester to RocGrowth Candids in an open interview followed by Q&A. Exciting changes are afoot in our beloved city. Downtown […]

RocGrowth Candids 2015 09 30 * Paul Ballentine and Jay Eastman * Optics & Rochester’s Future

Optics and Rochester’s Future: The Inside Perspective Vice President Biden recently visited Rochester to announce our region’s success competing for Federal funds to grow the optics manufacturing sector. This is only one of multiple initiatives that involve positioning Rochester to assume the global leadership position in a vast, cutting edge […]

RocGrowth Candids 2015-04-15 * Jason Arena * Founder and CEO of Workinman Interactive

Jason Arena, Founder and CEO of Workinman Interactive will be interviewed about creating an entertainment-based content creation company that specializes in creating games for the youth market. Founded in 2006, Workinman focuses on creating unique gaming experiences by leveraging current technologies. The company uses social media to spread the word […]

RocGrowth Candids 2015-02-11 * Zach Stanley * Co-founder, of Star Fantasy Leagues

Zach Stanley, Co-founder, of Star Fantasy Leagues, will be interviewed about establishing a leading daily, weekly, and season-long fantasy sports technology company headquartered in Rochester, NY. Founded in April 2012, Star Fantasy Leagues is known for its industry leading fantasy sports technology and its strong focus on legal and regulatory […]