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RocGrowth Coffee 2020-04-17 * Give and Take #2 * Virtual

Friends of RocGrowth-

RocGrowth is dedicated to building Rochester’s community of innovators and entrepreneurs.  We are problem solvers, job creators and creatives leading our region to its rightful place among the top cities for innovation and quality of life.

We are hosting “Take 2” of Give and Take, the virtual rendition of RocGrowth Coffee.  Our first Give and Take event on March 27th had 52 participants and generated an outpouring of financial and in-kind support for our community partners providing aid and comfort to those who have been hardest hit by the pandemic.  (It was recorded and can be viewed at RocGrowth.com.)

Given the mounting challenges and the need for the community to “lock hands” in mutual support, we are hosting the next Give and Take Zoom call Friday, April 17th, 8-9am.Since capacity is limited, register soon at our Eventbrite page.  A day prior, you will receive log-in instructions.

We request participants arrive prepared to offer or request assistance as we manage through these unprecedented challenges.
We “set the table” and you bring the coffee.

Stay healthy…and remain six feet apart.

Abbreviated Chat

08:11:51 From Matthew Bernius : Good morning RocGrowth!
08:12:07 From Nathan Kauffman : Good morning all!! Well said Chris!
08:13:16 From Rusty Tyson : Good Friday Morning 4.17.20 RocGrowth Coffee
08:13:51 From Bill Smith : Good Morning, everyone!
08:14:00 From Armand Hall : Good Morning everyone, This is Armand Hall from the ROCmusic Collaborative.
08:14:20 From Nathan Kauffman : Yay Jill! https://drive.google.com/file/d/1NP0KaGT47jeIGCe2zyzr6xemhNFzvze-/view?usp=sharing
08:14:37 From Lawrence’s iPhone : Hello, everyone! Hope everyone is safe during this time!
08:16:48 From Sarah Wright : Hello, beautiful people!
08:17:57 From Chris Fanning : Good morning from Writers & Books! Hope everyone is faring well.
08:19:20 From Alicia Sheppard : Good morning everyone, I hope everyone is doing well, good morning from Compeer Rochester
08:19:37 From Nathan Kauffman : That’s great Jill!
08:21:30 From Paul Jordan : good stuff Jill thank you.
08:21:31 From Kimberly Russell : Other communities have deployed school buses in neighborhoods to provide high powered wireless.
08:23:26 From Nathan Kauffman : Here is the link to our presentation 🙂 https://drive.google.com/file/d/1NP0KaGT47jeIGCe2zyzr6xemhNFzvze-/view?usp=sharing
08:23:56 From Harrison Canning : Hello Jill! To possibly address two of your concerns, the Shore Foundation is an RIT partnered charity that builds and donates computers. No idea what their operations are right now but I can reach out if access to tech is a problem. Additionally, I have done some work creating and testing productivity tools. Working with kids would present some new challenges but I would be happy to share what I know if you think that would be helpful
08:25:41 From Anna Schlia : https://www.facebook.com/rocmusickids/
08:25:51 From Jill Stolt : Hi Everyone! Please don’t hesitate to reach out Jill Stolt 585-455-5494 adventor@rochester.rr.com WellVentions https://drive.google.com/file/d/1NP0KaGT47jeIGCe2zyzr6xemhNFzvze-/view?usp=sharing
08:26:06 From Jill Stolt : https://wellventions.org
08:26:56 From Rebecca Porter Ferri : Inspired that the commitment and creativity to serving students during this time will not stop.
08:27:41 From Nanette D. Massey (Buffalo) : What Rebecca said….
08:30:07 From Mary Lupien : There is a possible effort to start the conversation about municipal internet, if you’re interested in that effort, send me a private chat or an email mlupien@gmail.com
08:30:22 From Kimberly Russell : High speed internet should be treated as a public utility as critical as gas and electric.
08:32:31 From Armand Hall : Thank you everyone, My email address is armand.hall@rocmusic.org and our website is www.rocmusic.org, we are on facebook and Instagram as well. As a community organization, I would love to spend all our monies and have all our partnerships be in Rochester. If anyone has a business that we could work with please email or call me 734.717.5256
08:32:38 From Armand Hall : Thank you all!
08:33:49 From Glenn Allen : Hello all, please allow a little general networking….I’m a freelance software dev specializing in SAP (https://www.linkedin.com/in/glennallen…..@glenn_a_allen……glenn.a.allen@gmail.com). Feel free to reach out and connect. Cheers.
08:36:14 From Kimberly Russell : i’m very fortunate to be included in one of this year’s groups and am learning much going through the process. Highly recommend.
08:38:01 From Rebecca Porter Ferri : Jumping the gun on adding our information since I may be pulled away early – Education Success Foundation is pleased to be included in this discussion. We adapted from serving 2,000 students in person to delivering support to doorsteps in the form of 300 meals per day, tools for learning .. www,educationsuccessfoundation.org
08:38:49 From Tom Mitchell : Here is the information on how to learn more about the Exploring Racism program. Contactme
08:40:30 From Tom Mitchell : S585-739-2750.orry, I hit Enter before done. Tom Mitchell at tmitchell@bergmannpc.com,
08:41:28 From Tom Mitchell : Boy am I clumsy. 585-739-2750 is the phone number.
08:45:05 From Michael Thaney : Keep em coming! These are great!
08:45:16 From Matthew Bernius : 100%!
08:45:39 From Anthony Miller : This has been great!!
08:46:58 From Jamarr D. Myers : Thank You all for hearing our needs!! Our efforts to make a direct impact couldn’t be accomplished without wonderful platforms like this.
08:47:37 From Matthew Bernius : Thats awesome news!
08:47:54 From Mary Lupien : If anyone is interested in the discussion about Neighborhood privilege, email me. mlupien@gmail.com. There is a lot of fear of change around relaxing our single family zoning code, an issue intimately tied with systemic racism. It’s a message I really want to get into Neighborhoods ahead of the change to the lay the groundwork of a common understanding of how our neighborhoods became so segregated and how we came to believe that renters & affordable housing=bad & dangerous
08:48:42 From Richard Glaser : I’m excited to start meal delivery next week. It seems easy.
08:49:06 From Ngozi Udo : I’d love to help support House of Mercy. I would happily volunteer my time to picking up and dropping off supplies!
08:49:09 From Nathan Kauffman : Fantastic messages this morning all!! wow!
08:50:10 From Stephanie Buchbinder : email ellen@houseofmercyrochester.org if you’d like to help deliver food ?
08:50:21 From Kelly Finnigan : thanks for the opportunity everyone. houseofmercyrochester.org
08:50:22 From Michael Thaney : Hey All – This is great stuff. How can we keep this dialogue going outside of this Zoom call? I would love a place to find call to actions from all the speakers
08:51:42 From Chris Cooley : Michael, there will be a youtube recording of the video posted. Also, I will be speaking with our team about ways to do a deeper dive into this content (stay tuned). There will also be a transcription of all the chat notes so you can reach out to all of the “presenters” individually
08:52:32 From Michael Thaney : Thanks Chris!
08:53:02 From Suzanne Mayer : Hello Everyone, Tom’s groups are excellent. Shawn Dunwoody and I started Hinge Neighbors to empower neighbors to advocate for what they believe should go into the new space created by the inner loop north and how it affects the adjacent neighborhoods, It involves a good deal of community building which is a challenge. we have some ways to work with students to create walks and interview elders and are working with school 58. www.hingeneighbors.com try out Hinge 101 for information on planning.
08:54:23 From Barb Glassman : Grateful to learn of so much good still continuing. Honored to be here this morning. and meet this circle. Thank you.
08:55:16 From Rachel G : Stuart – can you share your email.. I have a call out to our neighborhood association since we are all ‘cleaning house’ to sort, wipe and pack gently used school supplies, books etc.
08:55:42 From Maria Furgiuele : The CDCR together with C4 and Hinge Neighbors is hosting PLACEMAKING 101: Shaping the Places We Share, a webinar on April 29th from noon to 1 pm to talk about what is placemaking and how do placemaking strategies help to create better neighborhoods and stronger communities. Maria Furgiuele , Arian Horbovetz and Shawn Dunwoody will be the presenters addressing different aspects of PLACEMAKING. Please go to www.cdcrochester.org for more information or email me directly maria@cdcrochester,org . Thank you!!!!
08:55:44 From Stuart Hencke : Hi All! Please visit rochestereducation.org for all the links I discussed. If you have books or bags or want to chat about how we can collaborate give me a shout: 585-629-9705 or shencke@rochestereducation.org
to connect and discuss how to get more people involved. My aha moment or road to awareness was paved through emergency and disaster and how clearly unfair it is. (red cross & urban NYC healthcare including rural FQHCs) I think it’s an angle worth exploring if you haven’t already. I’m sure you have though! happy to chat more. I also messaged Tom too. You guys are great!
08:57:45 From Ngozi Udo : If anyone is in need of volunteers, please email me at nnu831@yaho..com I’d like to help where I can and pass along needs to friends!
08:58:24 From Kelly Finnigan : Kelly Finnigan House of Mercy 585-424-0533 kelly@houseofmercyrochester.org. thank you everyone and stay safe and healthy.
09:00:26 From Kimberly Russell : Center city folksl let’s make some noise tonight at 7pm – hop on porches, open windows, step out to your patio – keep a safe distance – but let’s celebrate all those who are keeping us safe.
09:00:56 From Barb Egenhofer : This is a fabulous group that brought me much inspiration for our work at ROC2025. Thank you all!
09:01:01 From Frank Staropoli : Teen Empowerment ROCks!!
this WITH students! Let’s plan on you, myself and richard chatting about how this can work. You rock man!
09:02:58 From Ben Garvey : If you’re interested in learning about gaming my start-up is running a 128 person tournament with a $300 prize pool today at 5:30. We have 4 college students broadcasting (talking about the game like hockey announcers). This is a great opportunity to learn about gaming and how we spend our time online playing and competing with people virtually! Here’s our livestream link: https://www.twitch.tv/glgaminglounges/
09:05:08 From Doug Ackley : doug@teenempowerment.org
09:05:11 From Nanette D. Massey (Buffalo) : For folks who haven’t filed with the IRS for 2018 or 2019, refer them to this website: https://www.irs.gov/coronavirus/non-filers-enter-payment-info-here?fbclid=IwAR2IELHggoFaDmG-QKnO5B1HQcaPBePRJTWR_fG2O606Q2EazTPlJIjs-60
If they have a way to direct deposit, they’ll get their money pronto!
09:05:21 From Doug Ackley : Thank you all for what you do.
09:05:43 From Kelly Finnigan : thank you!
09:05:43 From Nanette D. Massey (Buffalo) : “Ciao!”
09:05:46 From Suzanne Mayer : Thank you – great!
09:05:52 From Fred Dewey : This was a very high impact hour. Thank you!
09:05:53 From Maria Furgiuele : The Community Design Center Rochester is interesting in learning how the Covid 19 Pandemic is impacting you. Please take our survey!