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RocGrowth Video 2021/06/03 * Social Entrepreneurship & Innovation: Rochester Success Stories

Amy Bach, Founder and Executive Director of Measures for Justice, and Jaime Saunders, President and CEO of United Way of Greater Rochester, discuss their organizations’ innovative approaches to tackling some of our community’s greatest challenges. 

Measures for Justice (MFJ) equips communities with their own data to help solve systemic problems in criminal justice. Funded by some of the nation’s leading foundations, MFJ has just launched a new platform that helps police and prosecutor offices be transparent about their practices and accountable to their communities by publicly tracking monthly data and shared policy goals.

United Way has shown resilience and the ability to adapt to our community’s emerging philanthropic needs for over 100 years. Its efforts were recently recognized by global philanthropist MacKenzie Scott with a transformative $20 million gift. It was one of fewer than 400 recipients among 6,500 organizations considered.

Chat Links and Messages

00:22:07 Kathy Palokoff: Public market does it again!!
00:33:58 Alison Meyers/Writers & Books: Jaime, Can you elucidate the ways in which the UW connects organizations to each other, across silos, to address social justice and collectively advance social entrepreneurship?
00:34:01 Kathy Palokoff: Now that a leader of United Way!!! Wow!
00:34:10 Dr. dt ogilvie: Some of the nicest, most charming, most likeable people practice domestic violence. We don’t know what goes on behind closed doors.
00:35:48 Christina Lopez: Pandemic = an inconvenient opportunity for something better. The question is: what are we going to do differently? Who else is at the table with ideas to try?
00:36:46 Kathy Palokoff: Is it doing things differently or better?
00:36:59 Glenn Allen: RE: Dr. Ogilvie’s comment…..There are a lot of problems like that…..addiction, depression, etc…..hidden under the façade of a successful person.
00:37:07 Christina Lopez: Can it be better if its not different?
00:37:43 Kathy Palokoff: Not necessary different ideas. We are rich on ideas. But then they are poorly implemented.
00:39:41 David Finger: There is a lot of passive resistance to change because of a perceived zero sum risk of loss if someone else’s situation can be improved.
00:44:48 Dr. dt ogilvie: True, @Glenn Allen
00:44:48 Christina Lopez: Yes, everyone has ideas. How about different people/organizations implementing them?
00:47:36 Kathy Palokoff: Very much agree with you Christina. We need passionate people without political agendas and imagination.
00:49:58 Christina Lopez: Politics follows social dynamics – change social norms and politics follows. Rarely the other way around. Technically speaking, changing social norms and expectations is very political.
00:50:15 Glenn Allen: Speaking of criminal justice reform….you know how there’s a lot of job openings, but no one to fill them? How about giving folks with a criminal history a second chance and offer those jobs to them?
00:51:02 Maria Furgiuele: Many companies around the country are demonstrating success with open hiring policies!
00:51:07 Lori McNeill: Any ideas on building trust with agencies/courts to get their buy-in (or least to not actively oppose) for the community to get and explore data about what’s going on with the system?
00:51:28 Dr. dt ogilvie: Btw, Jamie, my mother’s great uncle started the first United Way in NJ and, as I recall, some other states
00:52:09 Jaime Saunders: Oh my that is incredible! I would love to learn more of that UW story. What a wonderful history and connection.
00:52:41 Dr. dt ogilvie: let’s talk soon
00:53:46 Brandon Sanzo: can you send the website here? @David Paul
00:54:03 Leanne Reed: Congrats David Paul!!
00:54:07 Lori McNeill: https://www.boldandgritty.com/
00:54:35 Brandon Sanzo: subscribed
00:54:56 Kathy Palokoff: I should have been clearer — personal political agendas which is different than social political agendas.
00:57:00 Christina Lopez: Boundless Connections in Sibley Square
Showcase Event 4-6pm on Friday, June 18th
RSVP: rochester@boundlessconnections.com
00:57:36 Glenn Allen: Just sharing my contact info for networking before the end of the event….I’m a freelance SAP software developer based in Central NY. Feel free to connect www.linkedin.com/in/glennallen, glenn.a.allen@gmail.com. @glenn_a_allen, Cheers.
00:58:48 Tom Myers: Chaz Bruce has 4.8 million followers on Tik Tok
00:59:43 Tom Myers: TikTok: chazbruce0
01:00:31 Brandon Sanzo: Unfortunately I have to get going to another meeting, but Chaz awesome origin story and vision. I look forward to the next event Roc growth has.
01:00:35 Brandon Sanzo: Brandon T Sanzo
Client Advocate @ Yamu media
01:01:03 Leanne Reed: Love hearing how these entrepreneurs are ROCing our community. Fantastic and thank you for sharing this!
01:01:30 Jaime Saunders: Chaz is on facebook as well for us older generation not on TikTok 🙂
01:01:35 Ryan Trevas: What is the best way to contact Amy?
01:02:16 Tom Myers: Chazbruce20.com
01:02:25 Tom Myers: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/chaz.bruce.9
01:02:58 Christina Lopez: If you want help with making tiktok or any other social media work for you personally – come see me 🙂
01:06:52 Christina Lopez: AMEN Jamie!
01:08:04 Alison Meyers/Writers & Books: Recommend reading “Bridging Silos” a propos of this discussion.
01:08:59 Christina Lopez: Rochester has everything it needs to take the lead in changing how the world deals with various issues. A connected effort is the only way to do it.
01:09:26 Kathy Palokoff: Amen, Christina.
01:09:31 Jaime Saunders: www.uwrochester.org
01:09:41 Jaime Saunders: Feel free to reach me at Jaime.saunders@uwrochester.org
01:10:29 Tom Myers: bach@measuresforjustice.org
01:11:32 Glenn Allen: Great meeting! Have a great day all!!
01:11:49 Alison Meyers/Writers & Books: Wonderful forum. Thank you, presenters & Richard & RG team!
01:12:18 Kathy Palokoff: Thank you so much Richard and team. Such a great session.
01:12:30 Dr. dt ogilvie: Jamie, you are spot on. Cities are characterized by competition instead of working together to make an impact. As if one organization can handle all of the problem they are organized around.
01:13:11 David Finger: Great talk today, thank you everyone!
01:13:14 Danielle Rinallo: Thank you!