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RocGrowth Virtual Candids – 2020-11-17 – Building World-Class Companies in Rochester: Austin McChord and Nick Conn

Hear Austin McChord, founder of $4.5 billion publicly-traded Datto, describe why he has returned to Rochester to build his next billion dollar company.  He will be joined by Nicholas Conn, PhD founder of Heart Health Intelligence (HHI).  Austin and Nick share a strong connection to RIT and are leading HHI after its recent round of venture funding.

RocGrowth’s mission is about building community for our region’s great innovators and entrepreneurs.  For seven years, we have featured our leading entrepreneurs in a series of open interviews, including audience participation.

CHAT Thread:

12:02:56 From Austin McChord : Speaking of bad bunch. At my old company we did video intros before our monthly townhalls. They were always corny and awful
12:03:00 From Austin McChord : I present to you this:
12:03:02 From Austin McChord : The Datto Bunch
12:05:40 From Glenn Allen : Hmmm….sometimes this virtual meetings make a little easier for networking….especially if you are an introvert. 😉
12:08:02 From Josh Creager : Join WNY Startup Community Zoom Meeting Wednesday Mornings, 730am jcreager@arrow.com. Join WNYStartupCommunity Slack group
12:08:15 From Tom Myers : RocGrowth.com will be putting the chat links up on the WNY Startup Roc Growth Slack channel
12:10:52 From Jaimie Cole : LOL…MIT says “you’re not worth it”…kind of like Daltrey’s book “Roger Daltrey: Thanks a lot Mr Kibblewhite”
12:13:23 From Chris Cooley : If anyone has questions please post them here and we will make sure they get asked (at the very least we will be sure the “theme” is covered). BTW, this is our largest virtual gathering to date…at 117 incredible people:) Thank you all for being here!
12:19:40 From Jeff Burkey : Who will it be sold to and how?
12:20:06 From Emily C : Bringing jobs to Rochester is critical and especially to the downtown area, what are your plans regarding location for manufacturing, office, remote, etc.? Will there be jobs open to all levels of expertise or are the roles you envision more highly technical/skilled jobs?
12:21:31 From Christina Kimmel : RIT grad here (SBIT 99). My entire career has been in medical devices (starting with In-Vitro Diagnostics and now with surgical devices). I work in Clinical Quality Assurance but am very intrigued with remote device monitoring capabilities to aid in clinical research. This is a critical need in clinical research (remote data collection). There are only a few companies that have entered this space and so much room for competition and growth. The hardest part are the medical device regulations, design control, and regulations not just for the device itself but the software (21 CFR 11 compliance). Also now the complexity with EU MDR regulations (just supported an NSAI notified body audit for this). Have you considered utilizing this technology in support of clinical studies?
12:23:19 From Julio Ahumada : What a cool idea basing the technology around the receptive motions of the human body arising from blood flow. So you are recording the low frequency range caused by the technical movement of the heart?
12:23:38 From Julio Ahumada : Using the surface area of your backside
12:24:05 From Glenn Allen : Can the patient monitor their own health?….Is there a way that the patient can ‘read’ the output?
12:24:27 From Julio Ahumada : Good question Glenn like an app
12:26:07 From Amy (she/her/hers) : Love that you mention culture – can you share some concrete examples of how you are building a positive connected culture?
12:28:05 From Emanuelle Chowdhry (RIT Student) : Hello! What was the hardest part of starting up the companies? How were those obstacles overcome.
12:32:48 From Jennifer Byrnes : Epic fail.
12:34:31 From David Mammano : Fail Forward!
12:34:47 From Ellie Price : Can you tell us about your customer discovery and market validation process?
12:35:05 From Emanuelle Chowdhry (RIT Student) : How do you deal with Failure – especially when you have given your everything to it.
12:35:56 From Steve Nicosia : Dave, Crash and Learn!
12:36:04 From David Mammano : Yes! Love it
12:36:46 From Chris Cooley : I think half the audience left after Richard mentioned the game Bills Sunday 😉 LOL!
12:38:00 From Glenn Allen : When he mentioned hail mary….I was thinking of Sunday too…..
12:40:08 From Tom Myers : Relevant chat comments will be share in the RocGrowth channel on the WNYStartupCommunity
12:41:42 From David Mammano : I have friends who are software engineers who would love to apply. Best way to apply?
12:42:34 From Austin McChord : Looking to work with us. Best way to apply is here:
12:43:52 From Glenn Allen : KitKat!!
12:45:30 From Josh Creager : Fix your hair & turn your cameras on!!!!
12:47:53 From Glenn Allen : How about some virtual networking? I’m a freelance SAP software developer based in Central NY. Feel free to connect www.linkedin.com/in/glennallen, glenn.a.allen@gmail.com. @glenn_a_allen, Cheers.
12:48:56 From Josh Creager : Glenn’s a good guy! He’s worked on some interesting projects & is always improving or helping others!!
12:50:00 From Glenn Allen : Thanks Josh….are you sure you have the right Glenn? 😉 And back at you…always a strong supporter of the community and Hack Upstate!!
12:52:45 From Melissa Mueller-Douglas : I’m Melissa, founder of MYRetreat. I help professionals slow down, schedule self-care, and achieve wellness. Our Chocolate Mindfulness Retreat releases tension with a gratitude journaling detox and eating chocolate mindfully.
12:54:26 From Melissa Mueller-Douglas : Appreciate this space.
12:54:27 From Dr. dt ogilvie : Austin, that deck would be a great lesson for my entrepreneurship students. dt@saunders.rit.edu
12:55:25 From Bleu Cease : Richard, Tom, Chris, Zara, all: Great conversation. Thanks for all you do for Roc.
12:56:45 From Deborah Stendardi : great session! thanks Austin and Nick, and to Richard and team for organizing!
12:56:59 From Glenn Allen : Great program! Thank you. Happy TG!!
12:57:03 From Wendy H : Thank you Austin and Nick. Thank you ROC Growth team!
12:57:07 From Melissa Mueller-Douglas : Take good care!
12:57:09 From Peter Parts : Austin, thanks for the good luck to the new Venture Creations home on Franklin Street and we have room for more companies!
12:57:10 From Andrea Rommel : Thank you!