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Simeon Banister: A North Star for Rochester’s Recovery

Simeon Banister, the incoming CEO and President of the Rochester Area Community Foundation (RACF). Simeon is a Rochester native and a product of the Rochester City School District.

He will discussed the North Star Coalition that he helped launch to ensure an inclusive and equitable post-pandemic recovery. As he prepares to take over the helm of the leading non-profit funding source in our region, we’ll also expelore his plans to build upon the success of his predecessor and contribute to revitalizing and growing Rochester.

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Shane Wiegand: Glad to be here Simeon!

Lydia Palmer: Thank you, Simeon, for speaking today. I wonder if you have thoughts on how Rochester can move beyond what appears to be a very siloed social and economic structure. You talk about connections, but those seem to suggest org-to-org, rather than people engaging. Are there too many groups doing very specific things who are unwilling or unable to broaden their view of how to raise the tide in Rochester?

Sarah Viggiani: For more information about the Rochester Community Foundation visit: https://www.racf.org/

Paul Hypolite: North Star Coalition website: https://www.northstarroc.com

Lydia Palmer: Thank you. Your tactics answer was more of what I was asking about.

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Clement Chung (Monroe County DES): Simeon, you mentioned the importance of including environmental and climate justice in the conversation. How does the North Star Coalition envision elevating these issues in the community’s consciousness alongside other social justice topics to demonstrate they are intertwined?

Adam Eaton: Rochester Artist Collaborative is partnering with local community members, to create a scholarship program for our Creators Lab Studio. If you would like to support an Artist contact Director Adam Eaton.

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